Supporting Services in clinical applications:

Making a difference with high technology
clinical healthcare & genetics services.

Clinical End-to-End Expertise

Provide partner organizations with the clinical end-to-end expertise. .

Infrastructure and Resources

Infrastructure and resources necessary to implement and deploy cutting edge.

About Us

Oncogenetics works with technology-supported clinical and laboratory services to identify and implement a variety of pathological and genetic services for the optimization of personalized diagnosis and treatment processes. Oncogenetics is a comprehensive human healthcare and practice enablement platform that works with healthcare organizations to create effective programs for healthcare practice logistics, clinical practice supports, clinical services of healthcare practices, including the provision of analytical and laboratory analysis, and the design of data analytics and delivery.

The goal of our services is designed to:
Provide partner organizations with the clinical end-to-end expertise, infrastructure and resources necessary to implement and deploy cutting edge, clinical healthcare services.

To provide the highest level of technical consultancy with support logistics and engineering support. To find the most suitable solutions for the needs of institutions and individuals, to strengthen solution alternatives and to provide support...

It provides advanced solutions to clinical laboratories, physicians, and researchers, while at the same time building and providing patient support, an ever-growing genomic database that serves as the basis for the development of better treatment/therapeutic options, improved health outcomes, and new health/health management strategies.