What is the purpose of the Oncogenetics Patient Support Program (OPSP)?

  • Oncogenetics exists as a financial support program to support the access of medical products and medical devices to patients in parallel with the European Union (EU) support programs.
  • OPSP has been developed based on the analysis of socioeconomic data for European Union (EU) member countries/candidate countries, and the financial support of patients is aimed in this system established for Oncogenetics.

What is the Oncogenetics Patient Support Program (OPSP)?

  • As the owner of Oncogenetics, within the framework of the system developed in parallel with the data of the Patient Support Program (OPSP) and the European Union (EU) independent analysis institutions, in line with the specific information received with the consent of the patient, to support the patient’s access to medical products and medical devices. It is a financial support system that can provide discounts at the rates determined.

How long does the evaluation result take for the Oncogenetics Patient Support Program (OPSP)?

  • In line with your complete application, at the end of 2 business days, the result of the evaluation of your application will be sent to your e.mail address that you specified in the application.

To what extent can an application be made for the Oncogenetics Patient Support Program (OPSP) with information and documents?

  • Information and documents required for the patient in the application form, and if the person who will make the payment is not the patient himself, the name-surname, contact information, age, city of residence, profession, education level, monthly income and expense status, and service breakdown of the person who will make the payment. 

How to apply for the Oncogenetics Patient Support Program (OPSP)?

  • Click on the Patient Support Program (OPSP) tab on the Oncogenetics web page.
  • Select the product you want to apply for.
  • Fill in the application form for the product completely.
  • Upload the documents required for the (OPSP) program, fill in the information and confirm the privacy statement.


  • After you have made your application, Oncogenetics will send a confirmation e-mail and sms message to your e-mail address and phone that your application has been received.
  • After your application, the evaluation process within the framework of the Oncogenetics Patient Support Program (OPSP) will be completed within 2 working days and you will be informed about the result of your application.
  • If you want to benefit from the (OPSP) Oncogenetics Patient Support Program, you can finalize your application within 15 working days with the instructions regarding the outcome.