General Terms and Conditions


Beingenetics BV; Barbizonlaan 70 2908 ME Capelle aan den Ijssel NL

The General Conditions shall cover and form part of all offers, proposals, agreements and other acts, either made orally, in writing, electronic or in any other form, concerning the delivery by Beingenetics of Products and/or Services to or on behalf of the Contracting Party. The General Conditions also apply to Products and/or Services partly or wholly obtained by Beingenetics from a third party and which are, either processed or not, delivered to the Contracting Party, as well as to Products and/or Services required for the execution of the offer, proposal, agreement or any other legal act delivered to the Contracting Party on Beingenetics’ instruction. Deviations from the General Conditions shall only apply if and to the extent that they have been explicitly agreed upon in writing between Beingenetics and the Contracting Party. Beingenetics explicitly rejects any applicability of any general (purchase) conditions used by the Contracting Party. If and to the extent that any provision contained in these General Conditions should prove not valid for whatever reason, the other provisions of these General Conditions shall remain in full force and effect.

The General Terms and Conditions of Beingenetics apply to agreements with the individual legal entities: AMC and VUmc, or with a distinct composition of these entities.

For the purchase of services and goods by Beingenetics, the General Terms and Conditions of the Ministry of General Affairs are applicable.

ARIV 2016: General Government purchasing Conditions:

ARVODI 2016: General Government Terms and Conditions for Public Service Contracts:

Version January 2022